Dec 312013






Currently at Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Mark Stock’s show is built around a film noir-like story. Images of famous Hollywood figures are embedded in paintings of the Hollywood sign, in another a woman is digging up a mysterious box, and trompe l’oleil paintings of postcards and notes taped to chalkboards are on another wall of the gallery.

Mark Stock has his own connection to Hollywood- his paintings have appeared in films and he also created a poster for the Telluride film festival.

Dec 292013


Seeing the opera, Invisible Cities, based on Italo Calvino’s book, was an incredible experience. The audience walked around Union Station, listening on headphones as performers danced and sang around them. At the same time interspersed among everyone, were travelers en route to other destinations who were often taken aback by the performance going on around them.

Artbound on KCET is currently showing an interesting documentary on the opera worth checking out:

Dec 212013





From the press release-

Blum & Poe is very pleased to present our first solo exhibition with Los Angeles based artist Jim Shaw. Spanning two decades and covering the entire gallery, Shaw’s fantastical, humorous, and psychologically laden explorations into esoteric, as well as popular, cultural phenomena coalesce to render a tale of Biblical proportion. Combing historic texts, artworks, comic books, and his dreams, Shaw’s flood of imagery is an essential tool in conveying his imagined histories and fables. Rivers, houses, and hair are but a few motifs repeated throughout the exhibition. Seemingly disparate, they mnemonically serve each other in depicting over-arching themes of fallen heroes, collapsed economies, concepts of sin, and general doomsday destruction.

This show closes 12/21.

Dec 212013


Frank Ryan- “Figure in a Tunnel” from Liminal View at Walter Maciel Gallery

From the press release:

In Liminal View, Ryan draws inspiration from a broader scope of the greater Los Angeles landscape accumulating an eclectic grouping of diaristic observations through the use of drawing, digital still and video images that serve as source material for his paintings. Ryan minimizes the expression of banality by laying the groundwork for an experience of the uncanny. In these moments, familiar subjects are perceived as foreign in the same way that a word will suddenly sound strange. Ryan explores how this inversion allows access to an existence beyond the visible order.

Really interesting paintings by this Los Angeles based artist, including two of the Second Street tunnel. The show is up until 12/21.

Dec 212013



Jordi Alcaraz- Ideas of Sculpture

The works in Altered States, Jordi Alcaraz’s current show at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, consistently challenge viewers perceptions. The glass frames surrounding drawings, paintings and sculptures are often broken or warped, where objects may have tried to get in or out. In others, it is the object itself that is being altered.  The works get more intriguing as you progress through the gallery.

The show closes 12/21.