Feb 282014

Cutie and the Boxer- Official Trailer

Currently on Netflix streaming and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, Cutie and the Boxer is a glimpse into the lives of two artists, Ushio Shinohara and his wife Noriko.

Noriko was only a 19-year old art student when she met 41-year old  artist Ushio, and they have remained together ever since. While the film presents Noriko’s sacrifices and frustrations within the relationship, it also shows the process that goes into the artistic work itself for each of them. Now, forty years later, she is showing her own work and emerging from the shadow of her husband’s career.  It’s a fascinating, intimate portrait of the couple.

For more information on Ushio:


This is a good interview with Noriko:


Feb 272014

Devo Through Being Cool

This song is from their album, New Traditionalists, released in 1981. It was written in reaction to the widespread popularity of their most famous song, Whip It, from 1980, and the new fans who didn’t understand the often subversive message behind their work.

Founding member and guitarist for the band, Bob Casale, died of heart failure last week, on February 17th, at 61.

Feb 272014

FIDLAR- No Waves

Things to do in Los Angeles this weekend (2/27-3/2)-


FIDLAR at the Echo- http://www.theecho.com/event/497375-fidlar-los-angeles/

LA Artist Betye Saar is speaking at the Hammer- http://hammer.ucla.edu/calendar/detail/type/program/id/2098

Artist Ron Athey is speaking at MOCA Grand Ave- http://sites.moca.org/thecurve/5795-2/


Lord Huron with Superhumanoids at The Fonda (also Saturday)- http://www.fondatheatre.com/events/detail/245801

Scotch tasting and reception with Manfred Müller ($40 through Eventbrite) or just attend his public conversation (free) afterwards, discussing his current show at LAMAGhttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/private-reception-with-artist-manfred-muller-tickets-9173228373

Je T’Aime,Je T’Aime at Cinefamily (running until 3/6)- http://www.cinefamily.org/films/je-taime-je-taime-brand-new-35mm-print/#je-taime-je-taime-brand-new-35mm-print-228-730


The Egyptian Theatre is hosting a free seminar- The Art of Production Design- with this year’s Oscar nominated art directors and set directors- http://www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/content/oscar-nominated-art-directors-seminar-1

Capital Cities at the Roxy (also Friday)- http://www.theroxy.com/event/489337-capital-cities-west-hollywod/


Watch the Oscars live on the big screen at Grauman’s Million Dollar Theater downtown- http://www.lahtf.org/

How the Brain Sees Light- A talk to complement- See the Light- Photography, Perception, Cognition exhibition at LACMA (free)- http://www.lacma.org/event/how-brain-sees-light

Feb 222014

Samara Golden- Mass Murder


Jesse Mockrin- Midnight Sun

When you walk into Night Gallery it will take your eyes awhile to adjust. When they do you will see a car parked in the center of the gallery. The next room holds Jesse Mockrin’s paintings, styled after traditional master painters, lit with one light each. The next rooms are filled with odd aluminum covered furniture, a sunset projection on one wall, stuffed animals, pianos, keyboards and more. These objects (and the car) are all part of Samara Golden’s Mass Murder. What does it all mean? Here’s a bit of the press release:

It’s Mass murder. It’s the world and then the reversal of the world. It’s trying to find the beautiful inside of a horrible world of hypocrisy and contradiction. It’s personal. It’s optimism and pessimism in a dead lock. It’s two stories. It’s bad blood. It’s a caged thought. It’s a purple light giving a performance. It’s our living room 1975-1988. It’s an airport convention room, it’s a bank, a hospital, a hotel. The wall, a dance club, a parking lot. It’s a flight simulator that makes you believe you’re in the sky when you’re actually crashing into nothing-miles away from real life. It’s the disillusionment of the Vietnam generation, it’s my parents. It’s keyboard lessons, gymnastics, those flowers my mom loves, Vivaldi the four seasons, Pink Floyd, The Ramones. It’s a room that was both my sister’s place and my grandma’s. It’s the records, the boom box, Detroit “wheelz” radio, the two cockatiel birds, Rudy, and heavy metal. It’s the black and white TV, the alcohol, the reading, the neon knitted Afghans, the curly grey hair, the heart problems, the smoke, and the cigarettes. It’s also the matchboxes, the taste, the piano, the white carpet, the abalone box in the ladies room, the jewelry. It’s a highway underpass. It’s sleeping in the street. It’s train hopping. It’s April, it’s her amputated leg. It’s a big mess, seriously. It’s a place to think about it. It’s the fog and the mist. It’s asking why-it’s hoping for a peaceful place. It’s a broken heart for the world.

Worth checking out to draw your own conclusions. It closes 2/22.
Feb 222014



D.J. Hall- Into Plein Air

D.J.Hall’s larger paintings as well as her smaller gouaches and watercolors of nature taken from her small notebooks are currently being shown until 2/22 at Craig Krull Gallery at Bergamot Station. Also being shown are Los Angeles photographer John Humble’s bright color photos of Pico Boulevard.

Also closing 2/22 at Bergamot Station:

Robert von Sternberg’s vintage black and white photos at dnj Gallery

Fielder Harper’s paintings of Los Angeles in Urban Mosaic at tag Gallery offer a unique perspective of the city

Augustus Francis’s shimmery abstract paintings are at Schomburg Gallery

Feb 222014



Elias Hansen: I’m a long way from home and I don’t really know these roads.

Anat Ebgi gallery is showing Elias Hansen’s new sculptures until 2/22. There are numerous beakers and other glassware combined with natural materials in setups that look, especially when lit with colored lights, like bizarre science experiments, or possibly something more suspicious.

Also in Culver City and closing 2/22:

Patrick Wilson’s geometric paintings in “Steak Night” seem to move the longer you stare at them- at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects.

Tony de los Reyes’s show “Border Theory” at Angles Gallery paintings and lithographs are both abstract and political as the lines within them follow the natural border between the United States and Mexico created by the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo).

Kevin Cooley and Phillip Andrew Lewis have a show called “Unexplored Territory” at Kopeikin Gallery that consists of video and photography that explores human’s desire to control natural elements like fire, and balances this concept with machines acting in ways that make them seem human. There is a video in the center room in which two fans on one power cord seem to be in a sort of dance/fight.

At LAXART, Brendan Fowler recreates photos with a commercial industrial embroidery machine creating a blend of photography and sculpture.

Feb 222014



Yassi Mazandi- The Sacred Wheel

Currently at Maloney Fine Art, Yassi Mazandi has created intricate ceramic flower-like sculptures (seen above) as well as a larger impeller made of geo-polymer stone. Also on view are a series of 72 colorful watercolor paintings, (one is pictured above- Albaloo Pollo) all named after foods.

This show closes 2/22.