Apr 182024

Orbital- The Box

This song is from Orbital’s 1996 album, In Sides. They are currently on tour and playing Coachella on Saturday, 4/20/24.

The stop-motion video above, starring Tilda Swinton, was directed by Jes Benstock and Luke Losey. Benstock did an interview with 909originals for the 25th anniversary of its release in 2021.



Jan 192024

Pictured above is Drossos P. Skyllas‘ painting, Wisconsin Ice Cave, 1950, part of LACMA’s 2018 exhibition, Outliers and American Vanguard Art.

About the artist from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. where the exhibition was also on view-

Drossos Skyllas achieved the exquisitely detailed, jewel-like surfaces of his paintings with tiny brushes he fashioned himself. He applied miniscule dabs of luminous oil paint in a pointillist manner, which gave his subjects a petrified yet shimmering quality. His refined technique and adherence to the academic genres of still life, landscape, portraiture, and mythological scenes demonstrate his knowledge of art history. And inspired by the old masters, he perfected the difficult depiction of reflective surfaces, including gems, mirrors, water, and ice. At the same time, his uniform clarity of detail, imposed symmetry, and sense of frozen time create a dreamlike mysteriousness reminiscent of magic realism. In addition to high art sources, Skyllas likely drew upon commercial illustration and photography. Untitled (Roses) resembles both traditional floral still lifes and midcentury advertisements for jewelry and flowers. Wisconsin Ice Cave relates as much to northern Renaissance landscape painting as to mass-produced picture postcards.

Born in Greece, Skyllas worked in his father’s tobacco business before emigrating to the US shortly after World War II. He settled in Chicago and devoted himself to becoming a professional artist, though he had no formal artistic training. Supported financially by his wife, Skyllas produced thirty-eight paintings from the late 1940s until his death in 1973. Some of these he submitted to the annual juried exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago and Vicinity, which featured his work in 1955, 1967, 1969, and 1973. He also sought commissions to paint portraits, but with asking prices as high as $30,000, he never found any patrons.

Skyllas’s work was discovered after his death by Chicago gallerist Phyllis Kind, who added him to her roster of self-taught artists in 1974. He was likely known to artists Jim Nutt and Gladys Nilsson before this, as they had exhibited alongside him in the 1967 Chicago and Vicinity exhibition and are enthusiastic collectors of self-taught artists (Wisconsin Ice Cave is in their collection). The meticulous finish of Skyllas’s paintings, which simultaneously evokes advertising art and Renaissance illusionism, appealed to Nutt, Nilsson, and fellow Chicago imagist Roger Brown, whose art collection also included the self-taught Greek master.


Jan 152024

Danny Brown- Jenn’s Terrific Vacation

Every month I listen to the majority of bands/singers/musicians/artists who are playing in Los Angeles and select some for a monthly playlist. It includes a variety of genres and usually newer work by the artist.

The song above is from Danny Brown’s 2023 album, Quaranta.

Below is the playlist for December 2023.

Sep 092022

Pavement- Harness Your Hopes

This song is from Pavement’s Spit on A Stranger EP and is their most streamed song on Spotify. It also gained popularity on TikTok in 2020.

Alex Ross Perry’s video, made for the 2022 re-release of the EP, has actor Sophie Thatcher interacting with projections of the band’s old videos.

Pavement are playing The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles tonight through Saturday (9/9-9/10/22) with Film School opening.


Sep 012022

Franz Ferdinand- Michael

This song is from Scottish band Franz Ferdinand’s 2004 debut album Franz Ferdinand. It also appears on their recently released greatest hits compilation, Hits to the Head.

The band is currently on tour and is playing in Los Angeles tonight, 9/1/2022, at The Novo.


Aug 112022

TV Girl- Lover’s Rock

This song is from TV Girl’s 2014 debut album, French Exit. The video above was made by a fan and uses footage from the 1973 film Turkish Delight, starring Rutger Hauer and Monique van de Ven.

TV Girl are playing at The Novo in Los Angeles on 8/12/22 with death’s dynamic shroud.


Jun 162022

The Gaslamp Killer- In The Dark

Tonight (6/16/22) at Clifton’s Republic in Los Angeles is Airplane Mode, a worldwide series established by Gaslamp Killer. Joining him will be Dan the Automator and Jeremy Sole with visuals by Stranger Liquids.

Sep 162021

John Cale- Fear is A Man’s Best Friend

This song is from John Cale’s fourth studio album, Fear, from 1974. The Welsh artist was a founding member of The Velvet Underground before leaving and going solo. He also works as a producer and helped create the debut albums for artists including The Stooges and Patti Smith.

Below is a live version where you can see how animated he is as a performer. This version of the song also includes the addition of a bit of Chopin.

Fear Live from the Song Writers Circle (with Nick Cave & Chrissy Hynde)