Feb 202023

Corey GeorgeIrma/Ian, Live oak, longleaf pine, avocado

Corey George- 8 Hogs, Oak, steel

Jaime Aelavanthara and Amanda SieradzkiRedbloom, Photographs printed on crepe georgette

“Jaime Aelavanthara and Amanda Sieradzki’s multidisciplinary project Redbloom examines the fragile ecosystem of Florida’s shoreline. Printed on sheer fabric, the photographs feature choreography by UT Dance professor, Amanda Sieradzki drawn from research on the red tide’s effects on animal life. The human form moves through space, alongside Marine plant elements, such as sea grass and kelp, to suggest both the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast, as well as its susceptibility to toxic algae blooms and red tide. Redbloom ultimately explores how choreography and photography merge, emphasizing the human connection to these pressing water issues in the Tampa Bay region and beyond.”

Kendra FrorupI heart mangos, Mixed media, resin, wood

Kendra Frorup, Projected, wood, paper, mixed media; and Silver Lining, Porcelain, wood, silver