May 272023

Jaime Aelavanthara, “Cicada Calling “and “Ribs”

As part of St. Pete Month of Photography (SPMOP), Morean Arts Center is showing Photo Laureate 2023: The Nominees.

For more on the five nominees, below are links to their websites and an example from their personal websites of their work.

Jaime Aelavanthara (see first image above)- website and Instagram

Selina Románwebsite and Instagram

Selina Román “Refusal to Unpack”, 2020, image from her website

Emily Willwebsite and Instagram

Emily Will- “Saint Petersburg, Russia”, image from her website

Tristan Wheelockwebsite and Instagram

Tristan Wheelock- “NASCAR Family”, 2014, image from his website

Thomas Sayers-Ellis became the winning finalist and will be the Photo Laureate this year. The 2023 Photo Laureate will create an historical document of events, people and places of Tampa Bay for the next twelve months. The results of this project will be shown next year in a solo exhibition.

Thomas Sayers-Ellis, “The Mirror in Uncle Tom’s Camera”, 2011 image from his Instagram

The best place to see his photography is on his Instagram.

The photo exhibition will be on view until 6/30/23.



Feb 202023

Pictured L to R: Peter Cotroneo, Alexander Nixon (foot), and Joshua Haddad

Pictured: Molly Evans (sketches installation) and Kendra Frorup

Pictured L to R: Chris Valle; Emma Quintana and Rick Hanberry; Joseph Scarce

This is the last week to check out the Art+Design Faculty Exhibition at University of Tampa’s art gallery, Scarfone Hartley. It’s a wonderful chance to check out the talent that is teaching at the school as well as some impressive work.

Artists included: Jaime Aelavanthara, Peter Cotroneo, Molly Evans, Kendra Frorup, Corey George, Jennifer Guest, Joshua Haddad, Ry McCullough, Samantha Modder, Alexander Nixon, Eric Ondina, Angelina Parrino, Emma Quintana, Joseph Scarce, and Chris Valle.

Below are more selections from the exhibition-

Oct 052021

Kim Anderson, “Alone Together”, 2021

Stereoscope for viewing the above painting

Skyway 20/21: A Contemporary Collaboration, is the second iteration of a joint exhibition across four institutions that highlights contemporary art created in the Central Florida region. Artists selected by a jury are from five counties- Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, and Sarasota. The exhibitions are an excellent sampling of the work being made in the Tampa Bay area.

The works shown in this post are from the exhibition at the Tampa Museum of Art. The museum has a video playlist on YouTube that includes all of the artists in the exhibition discussing their work. The links below are to the artists’ websites or those videos.

Selina Román “XS” 2019

For Selina Román’s XS series, she created abstract self portraits that examine standards of beauty in relation to expectations of weight and body. The title XS references an extra small size and alludes to the word excess.

This exhibition closes 10/10/21.