Sep 252023

Charlie Havenick- Sprinkler Song

This song is from Charlie Havenick’s 2023 album, Best Boy Electric.

She is playing on Thursday (9/28/23) at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles with Plum, Finnish Postcard, and PIERRE.


Sep 182023

Jockstrap- Concrete Over Water

This song is from Jockstrap’s 2022 album, I Love You Jennifer B.

The band is currently on tour and playing with Ian Starr at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, 9/20/23.

Aug 142023

Death Bells- Take My Spirit Now

This song is from Death Bells’ 2023 five song EP Take My Spirit Now.  The band is playing at Lodge Room in Los Angeles on Saturday 8/19/23 with Draag, Kraus, and Oog Bogo.

Aug 072023

VR SEX- Walk of Fame

This song is from VR SEX’s 2022 album, Rough Dimension. The band is playing with The Spits on Thursday, 8/10, at Zebulon in Los Angeles.

The video above stars Angelyne, an LA icon famous for her billboards and driving around the city in her pink Corvette. Hollywood Reporter detailed her backstory in 2017 and it’s a very interesting read. There was also a mini series about her released in 2022.

Jul 242023

Le Pain- Rachel Veut Danser

This song was released by Le Pain in March of 2023. They will be playing with Locate S,1, Lina Tullgren and Bogan Via at The Echo in Los Angeles this Sunday, 7/30/23.

Jul 172023

I Speak Machine- Santa Monica

I Speak Machine is an audio/visual project founded by Los Angeles based artist Tara Busch and filmmaker/writer Maf Lewis. The song is from the 2o22 album WAR.

I Speak Machine are playing at the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles on Friday, 7/21/23.


Jul 102023

ill peach- COMATOSE

This single by ill peach was released in February of 2022.

Here’s what they had to say about the song (from their Bandcamp page)-

”COMATOSE imitates the sound inside of our head. Like a Being John Malkovich moment. It’s the beautiful chaos that was living inside of our mind during 2020. It’s colorful and frantic but emotional and personal. We tried to capture that feeling you get when you’re dropping on the craziest rollercoaster at Six Flags. It’s aggressive and out of your control but so real and amazing and completely exotic. Wanting to feel good. Feel your best. That’s the mission.”

They are playing tomorrow 7/11/23 at The Bellwether in Los Angeles with Phantogram.


Jul 032023

Olivia Kaplan- American Air

This single by Olivia Kaplan was released at the end of February of this year.

She is playing with Johanna Samuels at Zebulon in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 8th, 2023.