Jan 232014




I first discovered Vivian Maier’s work at photoLA in 2012 and was surprised to have never heard of her.  Amazingly, despite the quality of her work, she was only discovered, posthumously, after a man named John Maloof bought a box of old negatives for $400 dollars at an auction in 2007 and began looking through them. He then acquired more of her work from the same buyer. Later he would discover that Maier had worked as a nanny for over 40 years in Chicago and had taken over 100,000 photos.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery is currently showing part of the collection (a little over a hundred images) including some of her self portraits and color work. This show is open until Saturday, 1/25.

You can also check out her work online at http://www.vivianmaier.com/

There is also a documentary coming to theaters in March called Finding Vivian Maierhttp://www.findingvivianmaier.com/Finding_Vivian_Maier/Movie.html