Sep 252023

Charlie Havenick- Sprinkler Song

This song is from Charlie Havenick’s 2023 album, Best Boy Electric.

She is playing on Thursday (9/28/23) at Permanent Records Roadhouse in Los Angeles with Plum, Finnish Postcard, and PIERRE.


Sep 182023

Jockstrap- Concrete Over Water

This song is from Jockstrap’s 2022 album, I Love You Jennifer B.

The band is currently on tour and playing with Ian Starr at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, 9/20/23.

Sep 012023

Music producer Rick Rubin’s book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, is a quick and enjoyable read. The short chapters are broken up with smaller ideas, like the ones pictured above. Although a lot of it felt familiar, there were definitely moments and ideas that were helpful and even inspirational.  His advice on editing and completing creative projects I found particularly useful. Others may find they get more out of other sections.

If you don’t know much about Rubin’s career, he’s had an amazing creative journey himself. From founding the famous Def Jam label in college and playing in a punk band to producing albums and songs for a wide variety of musicians. From early hip hop artists to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Johnny Cash and Jay Z to Adele- it’s worth checking out his wide range of work.

Below is LL Cool J’s Going Back to Cali which Rubin co-wrote and produced. Rubin talks about working on this song, as well as many others, in this article in Rolling Stone magazine.

Aug 312023

Kelley Walker, “Pioneer PL-518 7-inch Series Love (Is The Answer)” (2015), Pantone 4-color process silkscreen with acrylic ink on MDF

The work above is Kelley Walker’s Pioneer PL-518 7-inch Series Love (Is The Answer) (2015) from the exhibition Terry Adkins, Christian Marclay, Kelley Walker, that was on view at Paula Cooper Gallery in NYC this past March.

From the gallery about Kelley Walker-

Known for his manipulation of long-circulating images from advertising and other sources, Kelley Walker examines the consumption of visual culture using collage, screen-printing, sculpture, and installation. Bose Glitter Stock (2016) and Untitled (Screen to Screen) (2017) contain montages of superimposed silkscreen images printed on polyester mesh substrate, the armature for screen printing. Pioneer PL-518 7-inch Series Love (Is The Answer) (2015) is a grid of silkscreened panels that reproduce vinyl records and their packaging. Walker referenced the legendary Pioneer brand of turntables, famously advertised by Andy Warhol, as part of his investigation into the visual culture of the 1970s and 1980s New York disco scene.

Below is the song that the title references. It is included among the records pictured and is from the Four Tops album, Still Waters Run Deep.

Four Tops- Love (Is The Answer)

Aug 242023

Barney Bones- Westside Story feat. Duckwrth

Every month I listen to the majority of bands/singers/musicians/artists who are playing in Los Angeles and select some for a monthly playlist. It includes a variety of genres and usually newer work by the artist.

The song above is from Barney Bones’ 2023 album, ESCAPISM.

Below is the playlist for July 2023.

Aug 142023

Death Bells- Take My Spirit Now

This song is from Death Bells’ 2023 five song EP Take My Spirit Now.  The band is playing at Lodge Room in Los Angeles on Saturday 8/19/23 with Draag, Kraus, and Oog Bogo.