Oct 292021

Tkay Maidza, Yung Baby Tate- KIM

Looking for some costume inspiration for this Halloween weekend? Tkay Maidza appears as three different famous Kims in this fun video- Lil Kim, Kim K, and Kim Possible with Yung Baby Tate appearing as Shego.

This song also appears on September’s playlist.

Jun 252021

Blackalicious- Make You Feel That Way

This has been such a terrible year for Gen X rappers. Rest in Peace Gift of Gab of the Sacramento duo Blackalicious, who passed away today at 50 years old of natural causes.

Make You Feel That Way is from Blackalicious’ 2002 studio album Blazing Arrow, and has been a long time feel good favorite of mine.

Jun 162021

This song by Australian band Skegss is off their latest album Rehearsal, released in March of 2021. The video was shot on drummer Jonny Lani’s farm and is a perfect match for the high energy song.  For those unfamiliar with Aussie slang, “Bush TV” is a term for a campfire.


Jun 112021

This song is on the March 2021 Spotify playlist and is not only catchy, but also very appropriate for these times.

Holiday Ghosts are from Falmouth, in Cornwall, England. This song is from their recently released (May 21st) album North Street Air. Check them out on Bandcamp and Instagram.