Jan 232021

2020 was a crazy year, to say the least, and this playlist reflects that. Many songs that made it to this year’s list seem tailor made for the frustrations, anger, and loneliness of 2020; while others are just joyous and fun. A few artists from last year’s “best of” playlist also make a repeat appearance this year.

We lost several excellent artists this year. The last recorded song by John Prine (who passed away due to complications from COVID last April) was released in 2020 and is included in this playlist.

Here’s hoping for a return to live music in 2021 and a better year for us all.


Feb 012020

Playlists can be like a time capsule, capturing the energy of a specific time period. Anxiety, money, greed, politics, criminal justice, television, and social media were common themes. Of course songs of heartbreak, nostalgia, hope, and navigating your way through tough times are always present- and they are here too. This year there were songs that stood out musically, and others that were just fun.

We also lost a lot of great artists in 2019. Two of them with songs that came out this year, Nipsey Hussle and David Berman, are included in this playlist.

One note- There were several famous artists with great songs this year who were not included on this playlist to make room for artists whose work is less well known, but not less great.