Apr 192014



At Dorielle Caimi’s first solo show Complex Candy at Gusford Gallery, her colorful oil paintings feature nude women in various (and at times surreal) situations, all exploring issues concerning women today.

From the press release:

Examining the idea of innocence as a virtue lost too soon, Caimi’s nude figures resist vulgarity and sexualization. The bright, vivid colors serve to draw the viewer in closer to the women, whom the artist imbues with psychological complexities. Incorporating a dark sense of humor and a vision of what an authentic self might look like, Caimi lays bare her own personal psyche, creating bold paintings that speak to, and for, a larger generation.

This show closes 4/19.

In this interview with Caimi from Combustus, she goes into more detail about her creations as well as the issues behind them. It’s a really interesting read and also mentions other artists including John Currin, whose painting style immediately came to mind when I saw these works.  Her content, however, is delivering a very different message.