Jun 112021

This song is on the March 2021 Spotify playlist and is not only catchy, but also very appropriate for these times.

Holiday Ghosts are from Falmouth, in Cornwall, England. This song is from their recently released (May 21st) album North Street Air. Check them out on Bandcamp and Instagram.



Jul 152020

One of the songs from the June 2020 playlists is Sleaford Mods’ Second, recorded in 2017 and recently released on the 2020 compilation album All That Glue which includes various B-sides, previously unheard tracks, and more.

The video stars actresses Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones) and Emma Stansfield (The Tudors) performing as singer Jason Williamson and producer Andrew Fearn at an open mic at the local pub.

To learn more about the Sleaford Mods, there was also a documentary about them released in 2017, Bunch of Kunst.

The playlists below are made up of musical selections from bands and musicians who would have played in Los Angeles in June of 2020 if not for the COVID-19 pandemic, and others who had or were part of concerts online.