Jul 032021

This painting, Reverse Beach, 2019, is from Rob Thom’s exhibition at M+B Los Angeles, The Beast. Thom’s vision of American life takes on many forms, often focused on its more absurd qualities.

For more about his work, check out his interview at Interlocutor or his Instagram.

Apr 252014


Hannah WhitakerArctic Landscape (Pink Sky) 2014

For Hannah Whitaker’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Cold Wave, at M+B Gallery, she combines photos of nature scenes, naked bodies and other images with a series of hand cut paper screens that together create abstract geometric forms and patterns. The images remain recognizable but are given added dimension through this process. Other work in the show concentrates more on graphic shapes and less on traditional imagery, but the strongest images are the ones in which something familiar is seen with a different perspective through this unique technique.

This show closes 4/26.