Nov 172023

On the Road, created by Caratoes for the 2016 edition of SHINE Mural Festival in St. Pete, Florida.

For more recent work by the artist, also check out her Instagram.

Dec 212022

El Templo- Find the Light by Jade Rivera is part of the 2016 SHINE Mural Festival in St. Pete, Florida.

From the St. Pete Arts Alliance website about the work-

Perched on the boy’s neck is a huge monarch butterfly almost as big as the ibis, its gold, black and orange wings spread wide, flitting against the boy’s cheek. The boy looks serenely up and away, as if unaware of the bird and the butterfly. The ibis and butterfly reflect the Florida reality surrounding the boy – the ibis is an iconic Florida bird found along the coastline or wandering through the streets. The candle represents light from the soul.

It’s a startling image for passing drivers and pedestrians – peaceful, but unsettling, with the oversized butterfly touching the boy’s face and the bird’s beak digging in his chest.

For more work by Jade Rivera, also check out his Instagram.

Dec 072022

Moon Beam Dream 2 by Carlos Culbertson, aka Zulu Painter, part of the 2016 SHINE Mural Festival.

For the latest work by Zulu Painter, you can also check out his Instagram. For more on the SHINE Mural Festival, including other artist participants, head here.

Nov 222022

Brightmares was created by Alex Pardee (@alexpardee) for the 2016 SHINE Mural Festival in St. Pete, Florida.

From the St. Pete Arts Alliance website about the work-

The mural is called Brightmare, 46 feet wide and 19 feet tall. An emaciated, purple, naked figure is bowed down under a huge, sagging rainbow-colored ball where her head should be. She’s bony and hunched over, with purple skin and long grey skeletal hands, pendulous breasts and a swollen belly. The figure is on tiptoe, knees bent, one hand on the muddy floor for balance.

The sagging striped ball covers her head and neck and droops toward her belly – a red dot like a bullseye in the center of the ball, is ringed with pink, blue, green, yellow and orange. It’s like a rainbow balloon that’s leaking air, and jammed onto the figure’s head. Colors drip from the ball, and purple splashes from her body, as if the entire mural is melting in the heat.

The figure is stooped in front of a gaping black hole painted on the wall, like the opening of a cave. At her feet, bulbous blobs of white, tan and brown are spurting mud and water into the air.

On the lower left corner, the muddy blobs touch a green metal door in the side of the building. The outline of the cave crosses vertical pipes and electrical connections bolted to the wall. Two dark metal exhaust ducts frame the figure’s heavy rainbow head.

The background of the mural is the same stark industrial tan of the rest of the building, a massive structure that takes up almost an entire block.

Alex Pardee is a multi-media designer and illustrator who’s brought his unique aesthetic to music, film, animation, clothing and comics. When he painted this for the 2016 SHINE Festival, it was the largest mural he’d ever attempted. Ricky Watts, another artist on our tour, flew in from San Francisco to help with the mural’s completion. The mural is painted in aerosol, but the gaping black hole is brush painted.

To your right, in the alley facing this mural, a small window with heavy metal bars reflects the mural’s rainbow colors.


Oct 262022

Beneath the Shell by Michael Reeder (@reederone) was created for the 2016 iteration of SHINE Mural Festival in St. Pete, Florida.

The St. Pete Arts Alliance website has more information on the artist and this work.

Oct 132021

This mural by Arlin Graff was created for the 2016 iteration of the SHINE Mural Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.