Feb 182021

Photo on the right (check out the link to the project for the complete image) by Kiana Hayeri @kianahayeri

Photo on left by Antonio Pellicano (@antoniopellicanonews) / Work on the right by Shaun Myles (@smylus)

Photo on the left by Rubén Salgado Escudero @rubensalgadoescudero /Work on the right by Lady JDay (@ladyjday)

Murals in Douglas, Arizona, part of Artists Against an #Infodemic, a collaboration between Dysturb, CatchLight, The Everyday Projects and artists around the world to encourage people to follow WHO guidelines. Click on the images to read the smaller print.


Mar 082018

#Dysturb is a group of photojournalists who paste large-size posters in cities around the world, focusing on under-reported stories with the intention of getting this information to a wider audience. In addition to their public projects, they also have a quarterly print journal.

I first saw their work in Newcastle, UK (pictured above) as part of The Newbridge Project’s Hidden Civil War, a month of programming by various artists around the city in October of 2016.

#Dysturb’s current project is #WomenMatter, focusing on the fight against all types of violence against women. On International Women’s Day 2018, the group will be celebrating their fourth anniversary with a free discussion of this project, as well as their other work and the role of paste-up campaigns in contemporary documentary practice at ICP Museum in NYC.