Jun 182023

This work, by artist Cyla Costa, was part of the Ladies Who Paint all female mural festival in San Diego.

The subject of the mural is the Portuguese word “saudade“. It has no direct translation but she defines it as “a tangle of emotions both happy and sad about missing someone or something” (as seen in the second image).


Feb 042023

This mural, Shesha Sand Storm, by Fin Dac and Starfightera (Christina Angelina), is on the side of the Desert Shores market near Salton Sea in California.

Jan 202023

Artist Alex Katz created this mural, Bill 2, a portrait of modern dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones, in 2019 for Murals of La Jolla in San Diego. Murals of La Jolla is a project started in 2010 by The Athenaeum and the La Jolla Community Foundation. It commissions artists to create work to be displayed on buildings around La Jolla. A map of all the murals currently on view can be found here.

From the Murals of La Jolla website about the work-

Alex Katz’s mural, Bill 2, celebrates Bill T. Jones, one of the most noted and recognized modern-dance choreographers of our time. Executed in Katz’s bold and simplified signature style, Bill 2 depicts Jones’ visage, through a series of distinct expressions. The repetition of his face has a cinematic and lyrical quality, reinforcing his place in the world of dance, music and film. Portions of the face are dramatically cropped, giving the viewer only quick and gestural glimpses of Jones. Bill 2, is a striking homage to two artists, Katz and Jones, both renowned in their respective fields of visual and performing arts. The mural’s proximity to the new Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center gives a nod to the interconnected worlds of art, music, and dance.

The Guggenheim museum in NYC is currently showing Alex Katz: Gathering, a retrospective of the artist’s work from the late 1940’s until the present. The exhibition will be up until February 20, 2023.

From their website about the exhibition-

Emerging as an artist in the mid-20th century, Katz forged a mode of figurative painting that fused the energy of Abstract Expressionist canvases with the American vernaculars of the magazine, billboard, and movie screen. Throughout his practice, he has turned to his surroundings in downtown New York City and coastal Maine as his primary subject matter, documenting an evolving community of poets, artists, critics, dancers, and filmmakers who have animated the cultural avant-garde from the postwar period to the present.

Staged in the city where Katz has lived and worked his entire life, and prepared with the close collaboration of the artist, this retrospective will fill the museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright rotunda. Encompassing paintings, oil sketches, collages, drawings, prints, and freestanding “cutout” works, the exhibition will begin with the artist’s intimate sketches of riders on the New York City subway from the late 1940s and will culminate in the rapturous, immersive landscapes that have dominated his output in recent years.

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company has numerous performances every year. Conceived and directed by Bill T. Jones, and choreographed by Jones with Janet Wong and the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company, the latest work, Curriculum II, will be performed at on March 10, 11, and 12, at the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston.

Jones also hosts the series Bill Chats at NYC’s The New School. On January 30th, he will be in conversation with Bessie Award-winning theater director and performance artist, Niegel Smith and curator, producer, and director, Kamilah Forbes. For more events check out the New York Live Arts calendar.



Jan 132023

This Los Angeles mural was created in 2018 by ZLA and Chase.

For more work by ZLA, also check out his Instagram. Chase’s Instagram is worth a look as well.

Dec 162022

For more work by Bryan Snyder, check out his website. It has a large amount of information about the artist and his history.

During his time in Carlsbad, he has done a lot of work to create an artistic community- including founding both the Carlsbad Crawl, a website which focuses on art happenings around town; and the Carlsbad Art Wall, which rotates new art murals every two months, alternating between visiting artists and local artists.

Finally check out his Instagram for up to date content- today he posted a video segment his students made on his as a skateboarding teacher.

Oct 282022

Captain Hercules Fighting Hydra, 2015, by NYCHOS, located in downtown Los Angeles.

From his other website about the work-

It shows the fight between Captain Hercules and Hydra, and is a fusion of two stories: One goes back to the greek mythology, where Hercules is given the task to kill Hydra, a nine headed snake that grows two new heads for every decapitated one. The other story refers to a comic book published by none other than Marvel, where Captain America fights the identically named terrorist organization Hydra. When merging these two plots, Nychos creates the story of Captain Hercules, who is battling a multi-headed snake and its skeleton. Covered with the translucent skin of a lion and equipped with the attributes of both heroes – Hercules’ spear and Captain America’s shield – Nychos’ character appears on multiple layers, visually as well as substantially.

More of NYCHOS’ work can also be found on his Instagram.