May 142024

“Swirl of Sounds- The Ghost in the Banyan Tree”, 1976, Oil on canvas

“Flotilla”, 1962, Oil on linen

“The Blue Drum Path to the Open Coast”, 1977, Oil on canvas

The paintings in Alice Baber: Reverse Infinity at Berry Campbell are alive with color. The delightful paintings were created using thinned-down oils and acrylics to give the work a watercolor effect.

On one wall, the gallery has included the quote below in which Baber described her process-

“When I first conceive of a painting‭, ‬I must feel it‭, ‬I hear it‭, ‬I taste it‭, ‬and I want to eat it‭. ‬I start from the driving force‭ ‬of color‭ (‬color hunger‭); ‬then comes a second color to provide light‭, ‬luminous light‭. ‬It will be the glow to reinforce the first color‭. ‬I then discover the need of one‭, ‬two‭, ‬three‭, ‬or more colors which will indicate and make movement‭, ‬establish the psychodynamic balance in midair‭, ‬allow freedom to take place‭, ‬add weight at the top and bottom of painting‭, ‬and create mythical whirlpools between larger forms‭.”

Alice Baber‭, ‬Color‭, ‬1972‭

This exhibition closes 5/18/24.

Mar 092023

Lilian Thomas Burwell, “Enfolded”, 1973

Lilian Thomas Burwell, “Untitled”, c. 1980

Lilian Thomas Burwell, “Montagne”, 2012

The work above is from Lilian Thomas Burwell’s exhibition Enfolded at Berry Campbell gallery in NYC.

From the press release

Living and working  in Highland Beach, Maryland, Burwell, age 95, was recently hailed as the “Tom Brady of Artists” in the New York Times. In 2022, Burwell received Howard University’s Lifetime Achievement Award along with Betye Saar.

Lilian Thomas Burwell: Enfolded highlights the dynamic transition in Burwell’s abstract visual language from two-dimensional painterly canvases to three-dimensional sculptural forms. Burwell’s paintings from the late 1970s and early 1980s employ a distinctly bold palette and reference the natural world, featuring organic forms that abstract biotic phenomena. In 1984, Burwell literally cut into a canvas, creating a shape beyond the square. This pivotal act gave way to Burwell’s examination of form, bringing forth Burwell’s signature style of three-dimensional, painted wall sculpture. Dr. David Driskell described Burwell’s work as, “transcendental in showing stylistic diversity of earthly beauty and cosmic vision.”

This exhibition closes 3/11/23.