Jun 222020

Everything is falling apart according to plan, one of artist and writer John Tottenham’s works from his show The Indifferent Sublime, at Maloney Fine Art in Culver City in 2014.

Dec 192015




Art Culver City, the group exhibition currently at Mark Moore Gallery was created in response to the current state of art fairs which have become more about celebrity and parties than the art itself. The focus here is on the art. Standouts include Zemer Peled’s sculptures created from hand-crafted shards of porcelain (pictured above), Kim Rugg’s maps recreated using only city names and regions and Christopher Russell’s photo prints that have images scratched into them with a razor. This show closes 12/19/15.


While in Culver City make sure to stop by Maloney Fine Art to see Jeff Colson’s incredibly realistic sculpture, Stacks (pictured above), created from carved wood. This show closes 12/19.

Also closing 12/19 in Culver City and worth checking out-

Rosson Crow’s multimedia exhibition at Honor Fraser Gallery Madame Psychosis Holds a Séance, “explores the fictional world of Madame Psychosis, an aging showgirl obsessed with the assassination of John F. Kennedy.” The center piece is Crow’s first film, which stars Kelly Lynch as Madame Psychosis in outfits designed by Jeremy Scott.

At Anat Egbi Gallery is Jen Denike’ show ‘If She Hollers” which consists of three films and still images from them. “The show’s three protaganists feature “The Boxer”,“The Cat” and “The Pimp” interweave elements adapted from references ranging from Joe Lewis to Alice in Wonderland and RuPaul’s Drag Race”.

Cheryl Louise Humphreys’ embossed paper images at her premier solo exhibition “I Just Have This Feeling…” explore visual communication in a digital age at Paul Loya Gallery

Oct 312015


Here are a few good art shows closing on 10/31/15 in Culver City worth checking out:

Robb Putnam’s impressive animal sculptures (above image) are at Walter Maciel Gallery for the exhibition Loiterers.

From the press release-

Putnam continues to create whimsical sculptures made out of fabrics, detritus and a plethora of disregarded items that explore memory and recollections of childhood storybook characters and imaginary friends.  His animal subjects take on the moods and emotions of the human experience with specific gesturing of posture and bodily expression.  Using this thoughtful process and personal reflection to execute the work, Putnam himself becomes a loiterer delving into his youth with his learned emotional maturity perhaps mimicking his own apprehension as a young boy circling the sidelines of the playground where he felt unwelcome. The work in Loiterers sparks ideas of what gives a living being or object its status and value while questioning the many notions of human empathy.


Michael Waugh’s drawings at Von Lintel Gallery are even more incredible up close when you see they are created from tiny handwritten text. (images via their website)

From the gallery website-

Waugh transcribes texts—such as government commissions and theoretical books about power and capitalism—into portraits and landscapes.  To Waugh, the selection of texts and images and the relationship between the two are the conceptual heart of the work.  “These are worlds made of words that draw upon a historical quest for knowledge and for political progress—a quest often at odds with social reality,” he explains. Waugh also explores these themes through mixed-media installations, performances, and videos, as in “The Wealth of Nations” project (2009-) for which he has staged (and documented) public readings from Adam Smith’s seminal economic text.


Joel Otterson’s Needleworks at Maloney Fine Art -“explores two new bodies of work; two-dimensional beaded “paintings” and three-dimensional hand-blown glass “flesh cups” which serve as a homage to the diversity, dexterity and tradition of sewing, stitching and embroidery.”

Apr 122014



Yoshitomo Nara’s solo exhibiton at Blum & Poe (closing 4/12) is filled with new works by the artist on a large scale including a room of bronze sculptures and some of his large paintings in others (an example of both pictured above). On the second floor of the gallery is a retrospective look at the artist’s drawings throughout his thirty year career. Whimsical and at times melancholy, the wide eyed figures fascinate.

Also in Culver City and closing 4/12-

Angles Gallery in collaboration with Hinge Modern presents THE ARTIST’S HANDS CONTINUUM by Rena Small. Small has been photographing her friend’s hands since 1984, and each black and white photograph represents the person in a unique way. Several of the hands included belong to familiar names.  http://www.anglesgallery.com/ssp_director/exhibitions.php?id=193

The group show at Maloney Fine Art includes work by Joel Otterson, and some unique ceramic creations which look like bizarre vinyl toys by Maberry + Walker.  http://maloneyfineart.blogspot.com/

Feb 222014



Yassi Mazandi- The Sacred Wheel

Currently at Maloney Fine Art, Yassi Mazandi has created intricate ceramic flower-like sculptures (seen above) as well as a larger impeller made of geo-polymer stone. Also on view are a series of 72 colorful watercolor paintings, (one is pictured above- Albaloo Pollo) all named after foods.

This show closes 2/22.

Dec 042013



Joel Otterson- Bottoms Up #2

Joel Ottersons current show is “Chandelier Queer” at Maloney Fine Art. This title references the slang term “chandelier queer” defined as- “a homosexual with exquisite and/or expensive taste” or a “self-spoiled fruit”(according to Urban Dictionary). The show consists of sculptures made from found glass wear. The chandeliers are beautiful and seemingly fragile creations which take take what most consider trashy objects, and turns them into something glorious.

Otterson is one of the artists selected to be in the Whitney Biennial 2014.