Apr 182020

One of artist Sean Duffy’s Road Signs, part of a group exhibition in 2013 at Vielmetter Los Angeles.

Feb 112017


                                                                            Rodeo 10, 2016 (Photo credit Jeff McLane)

                                                                       Hillary Clinton, 2016 (Photo credit Robert Wedemeyer)

Karl Haendel’s solo exhibition BY AND BY at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, is a collection of  highly detailed drawings mixed with earlier work made in 2000, and a new video piece. Included in the earlier work is State Motto Map, a colorful map of the United States, with each state’s motto labeled on it. Washington State’s motto is Alki, or Al-ki, a Native American word meaning bye and bye, and is where the title of this exhibition is drawn from.

From the press release

In this exhibition, Haendel uses the idea of the portrait to explore contemporary definitions of masculinity, power, and public identity. He undertakes the challenging task of drawing a portrait of what it is to be a man, or perhaps what is expected of men, in images that span a broad range of representations from the heroic to the abject, from the depiction of male achievement in the highest ranks of power to a raw and unsympathetic examination of a middle-aged convicted sex offender. An inquiry into what represents masculinity also requires a look at the conventions of gender representation, as masculinity and femininity have so long been defined, particularly in images, as a codependent set of complimentary traits. In “By and By” Haendel both reasserts and undermines these conventions in heroic portraits of teenage girls riding rodeo, reproductions of murals depicting black civil rights leaders, and a monumental portrait of Hillary Clinton. His drawings and his video work against a tradition of portraiture that collapses individuals into ciphers and symbols that read as shorthand for historical legacies and narrative tropes.

This show closes 2/11/17.


(images via Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects)

Oct 102015

Dan Levenson


Dan Levenson


Yunhee Min


Currently at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects gallery in Culver City are two very different artists. Yunhee Min’s large acrylic paintings use bright colors that give the gestural motion in them a striking vibrancy.

In the second half of the gallery are Dan Levenson’s monocromatic works which envision “a fictional and immersive narrative about a community of Swiss artists at the now-defunct State Art Academy, Zrich (SKZ)”, complete with an imagined studio and storage spaces filled with work.

This show closes 10/10/15.

Feb 222014



Elias Hansen: I’m a long way from home and I don’t really know these roads.

Anat Ebgi gallery is showing Elias Hansen’s new sculptures until 2/22. There are numerous beakers and other glassware combined with natural materials in setups that look, especially when lit with colored lights, like bizarre science experiments, or possibly something more suspicious.

Also in Culver City and closing 2/22:

Patrick Wilson’s geometric paintings in “Steak Night” seem to move the longer you stare at them- at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects.

Tony de los Reyes’s show “Border Theory” at Angles Gallery paintings and lithographs are both abstract and political as the lines within them follow the natural border between the United States and Mexico created by the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo).

Kevin Cooley and Phillip Andrew Lewis have a show called “Unexplored Territory” at Kopeikin Gallery that consists of video and photography that explores human’s desire to control natural elements like fire, and balances this concept with machines acting in ways that make them seem human. There is a video in the center room in which two fans on one power cord seem to be in a sort of dance/fight.

At LAXART, Brendan Fowler recreates photos with a commercial industrial embroidery machine creating a blend of photography and sculpture.