Oct 202023

Chris Dyer “Optimystics Journey”, Acrylic

To celebrate the 9th year of the SHINE Mural Festival, Morean Arts Center is showing work by several of the artists who are participating. The center is also one of the places to pick up a guidebook for the festival with information on the artists and a map of the mural locations.

Artists in this show- Artist Jones, Chris Dyer, Hannah Eddy, Fabstraq, Hoxxoh, Rhys Meatyard, Sarah Sheppard, Michael Vasquez, and Andrea Wan.

This exhibition closes 10/26/23.

Artist Jones, “Lady Grace”, Acrylic and mixed media

Hoxxoh, “Ibis. One. Hurricane”, “Ibis.Two.Hurricane”, “Ibis.Two.Hurricane”, Acrylic on wood panel

Hoxxoh, “Ibis.Two.Hurricane”, Acrylic on wood panel

Rhys Meatyard, (clockwise), “Transmission”; “Dawn at the Edge of Infinity’; and “(Everything) Heeeere’s Sunny”, Mixed media

Hannah Eddy, “Make it last”, Acrylic and spray paint

Michael Vasquez, “Smurf”, Acrylic

Sarah Sheppard, “Enter Love”, Acrylic

Fabstaq, “No Rules” and “Freedom Hurts”, Acrylic

Andrea Wan, “Wonders” Ink and gouache on paper and “Inevitable Growth”, Ink on paper cutouts


Jun 162023

The latest pop-up exhibition at Chad Mize’s SPACE in St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District, is Hot Box, which opened Friday 6/9/23.  The show includes a LOT of artists and installations as well as, for this past weekend, an immersive performance by Dirty John’s comedy troupe.

Below are some of the works from the show-

Jay Hoff, “Criminally Divine”, Lego on Lego

Gianna Pergamo, “Pool Day”, Mixed Media

Miss Crit, “Love and Hisses” Acrylic on Wood

Rhys Meatyard, “Apollo, Artemis, Demeter”, Acrylic on wood

Macy Eats Paint (Macy Higgins), “Pieces of Me”, Mixed Media

In an upstairs section, artist Paul LeRoy has created a mixed media world of art world and celebrity icons, drawings, paintings and more.

The show will be open for its final weekend on Saturday 6/17 from 4-9pm and Sunday 6/18 from 11am-3pm.