Jan 132023

This Los Angeles mural was created in 2018 by ZLA and Chase.

For more work by ZLA, also check out his Instagram. Chase’s Instagram is worth a look as well.

Oct 282022

Captain Hercules Fighting Hydra, 2015, by NYCHOS, located in downtown Los Angeles.

From his other website about the work-

It shows the fight between Captain Hercules and Hydra, and is a fusion of two stories: One goes back to the greek mythology, where Hercules is given the task to kill Hydra, a nine headed snake that grows two new heads for every decapitated one. The other story refers to a comic book published by none other than Marvel, where Captain America fights the identically named terrorist organization Hydra. When merging these two plots, Nychos creates the story of Captain Hercules, who is battling a multi-headed snake and its skeleton. Covered with the translucent skin of a lion and equipped with the attributes of both heroes – Hercules’ spear and Captain America’s shield – Nychos’ character appears on multiple layers, visually as well as substantially.

More of NYCHOS’ work can also be found on his Instagram.


Sep 152022


Throwback today to these works in Los Angeles, curated by Branded Arts.

For more work by Noségo, check out his website and Instagram.

For more work by Hueman, check out her website and Instagram.

Jul 282022

Going back to 2015 for this mural by Wildlife and S.C. Mero, who still create work in the area. Also check out Mero’s other page, where she highlights neighborhood (DTLA) events, people and art- including work by Wildlife.